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We're always happy to hear from our clients ! If you're interested in contacting us at Finchley Paper Arts, there are a few tried and true ways of doing so:

Finchley Paper Arts Ltd.
3-1731 Rockland Ave
Victoria BC V8S 6W1

(250) 598-1408
(250) 598-1406 (cell)

For image licensing inquires please contact:

Hong Campbell
At HVC Licensing

The Story of Finchley… so far

Finchley Paper Arts Ltd. began with their personal passion for the arts, history, travel, ephemera, photography, and the discovery of a special family book.

Canadian siblings Lorna and Doug Hankin traveled widely to over 50 countries, collecting a feast of vintage ephemera including currency, postcards, documents, letters, pictures, drawings, prints, and glass slides.

While researching their collection, they came across a wealth of family genealogy data from Cambridge, England, and discovered their family held similar passions for books and publishing. In the 1740’s, a large private library was auctioned and their family had purchased several books containing the personal bookplate of Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holles of Wellbeck Abbey in Sherwood Forest. Since Finchley was the last home of their Great Grandparents before their immigration to Canada in the early 1900’s, they thought it fitting to use the Finchley name to re-establish their family in publishing.

Each Finchley Paper Arts Ltd. design holds components of their worldwide travels and their vintage collection. Alone, these items hold their own beauty and history. In her own creative way, Lorna pulls together these images to create a visual story, capturing your imagination and recreating a moment in time.