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Up Up And Away for 2015!

Paris Nightime Grand Prix

Happy New Year!

Lots going on at Finchley these days... We have been slowly making our way into the licensing world this past year with contracts now in place for 2015/2016 for Calendars, Stationery, Stained Glass Suncatchers, and Jigsaw Puzzles! Who knew Jigsaw puzzles were so popular? Four puzzles going to print early this year with some well known companies.  Once they have been launched by the manufactures we will post pictures.

We also designed a full line of Christmas cards and Christmas Box Sets this past year with great success in Canada, Switzerland and France! Over 25,000 cards hand packaged! Another 50 new designs madly being completed this week in time for Spring gift shows in Canada and Switzerland!


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Puzzle Mania !

Here is a sneak peek at what Finchley has been up to lately...

Can't show you the finished designs till they go to production. 12 puzzles designed... 4 sold.....Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!

 Finchley Puzzle Mania

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Finchley's Christmas Cards 2014!

Just finished designing our new line of 36 Christmas Cards ! Finchley now has 101 card designs available for purchase and licensing.  More Springtime florals in the works.

Here's a peek at a few Calendar ideas we are working on for our licensing clients.  Happy springtime!

Finchley Look Book 2014 Page 4


Finchley Follie Calendar 2015



Finchley Follie Calendar



Finchley Nature Calendar


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Finchley Look Book 2014

Here's a peek at our new "Look Book 2014" showing all our 72 designs for licensing and cards!

Finchley Look Book 2014 -Page 1Finchley Look Book 2014 -Page 2Finchley Look Book 2014 -Page 3

Finchley Look Book 2014 -Page 5

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Postcards from Paris!

Happy New Year Everyone!  A huge thank you to everyone who made 2013 such a successful year for FPA!  Looking back over the year we added a few more pins to our world map with Live Wires NZ as our New Zealand distributor, and Giraffiti in Germany. We are also excited to announce Twizler of the UK will be showcasing us at the NEC Spring Fair in Birmingham, February 2nd -6th 2014!

Many of you may not know that I snuck off to Paris last minute this past October to scour the 'Brocantes" (flea markets) for new inspiration and documents for our 2014 collection. It was my first time to Paris and Provence and I fell in love with the people, countryside, food, & wine, not to mention all the treasures I collected! I went with carry on and had to buy a suitcase to bring home all the ephemera I found. 1700 & 1800's vintage manuscripts & music sheets, letters, architecture tissue drawings, opera costume designs, maps and botanical hand tinted drawings just to mention a few!  Each day was a like a new scavenger hunt to source out new materials and finish off a tiring day with great food and wine of course!

Every day I had to ask myself why I hadn't been to France before? It will certainly not be my last trip! Why didn't I stay???

 Streets of Paris

Buildings of Paris

Streets of Provence

Brocante Treasures


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Royalty Monogrames

noun: monogram; plural noun: monograms
a motif of two or more letters, typically a person's initials, usually interwoven or otherwise combined in a decorative design, used as a logo or to identify a personal possession.
verb: monogram; 3rd person present: monograms; past tense: monogrammed; past participle: monogrammed; gerund or present participle: monogramming
decorate with a monogram.
"monogrammed sheets"

We have been wanting to design a "MyFinch Royalty Collection" for 2 years now....  We finally found our source material and inspiration in a beautiful 1800's Monograme book in a dusty bookstore on the outskirts of Paris!

The line is slowly taking form.... in both sepia and vibrant colours... Vote for your favorite. Stay tuned for more designs..

Floral Monogrames

Sepia Monogrames


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Oh The Places We'll Go!

Every once in a while life throws something fun and exciting our way. Today we learned that Finchley Paper Arts designs are available in more countries than we knew! Now folks in Germany and Japan can order skins and hardcases for laptops, ipads, iphones and all sorts of other devices. Gelaskins in Russia is selling Heron Post, and in Brazil Butterfly Post can be ordered through the website. There are also sites selling Finchley Paper Arts skins and hard cases in Malaysia, Thailand. Share a bit of Finchley Paper Art with your friends around the globe today!

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Great News Down Under!!!

image of Fincley Paper Arts Journal Rack Display

It's been hush-hush for the past few months as the details were all worked out, and now we're thrilled to let you in on the big secret! Finchley Paper Arts is very pleased to be represented by The Aird Group in Australia!!! We're so excited with the new 2013 designs we've prepared, and can't wait to see them on the range of cards and gifts that The Aird Group will be producing. They'll be showing the line of new Finchley 2013 designs at the Reed Gift Show in Melbourne Australia from August 3-7 (Booth C114), and the latest products should be hitting merchant's shelves sometime this fall!! If you're coming to the Reed Gift Show, be sure to stop by and have a look at the new Finchley Paper Arts products.

The Aird Group is producing 3 different styles of notepads and journals; here's a preview of what's to come...

 Mirrored Notebooks with Magnetic Closure

image of Finchley Paper Arts Notebook with Mirror


Notebooks with Matching Pens

image of Finchley Paper Arts Notebook with Matching Penimage of Finchley Paper Arts Notebook with Matching Pen


Finchley Paper Arts Journals

image of Finchley Paper Arts Journal - Flamingo Post


With 36 new designs to choose from, the lucky folks in Australia will be set with all the Journals, notebooks and greeting cards they can imagine! How wonderful!


The Aird Group Logo

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Fresh Faces for 2013 Follies

2013 Finchley Paper Arts New Follie Girls Designs

While seasons past have brought a sophisticated black and white look to our vintage Follies, this season we're all about infusing some fresh, vibrant colour into the lives of our ladies. Sweet and sultry, you'll find some new faces, and will notice that some of our classics have been re-invented. The Finchley Paper Arts 2013 Follies Collection has something to please everyone! 

Enchanted Beauty evokes thoughts of summer tea parties in the shade, sipping a fine cup of Earl Grey, and nibbliing on petit fours. Moulin Rouge's sassy dancer is a sweet and demure, though we're sure she's got a few secrets up her feather trimmed sleeve. Russian Romance takes us back in time to a warm summer evening, the scent of roses in full bloom. Such a pretty young lass in Barcelona, her mind drifts to her distant love and the evening of music and dancing they shared once before. Below, meet Goddess of the Galaxy - she's smart, sophisticated and full of suprises.


Rediscover the other gals and get a taste of vivacious colour this season. It's a whole new Finchley! Check out the revamped and even more gorgeous Autumn Days, Stolen Moments, Dreamer, Forgotten Dreams, and others in the Finchley Paper Arts 2013 Collection.

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The Vibrant Nature of 2013


Infused with juicy colour, this season we've designed beautiful additions to the Finchley Paper Arts 2013 Nature Collection. From brilliant Hummingbird Post and regal Frog Prince Post to softer Owl Post and Peacock Post, these birds and insects will bring a smile to your face. Using digital collage, we've brought together vintage documents, hand tinted prints, international currency motifs, and handpainted watercolours into luscious story-telling images.

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Licensing Opportunities Abound!

Finchley Paper Arts offering Licensing Opportunities

We've been designing so many gorgeous new images recently, and have been beginning to think that they'd look amazing as even more than iPhone hard cases and cards... our minds took a little wander and we've decided to offer our Finchley Paper Arts designs up to Licensing Opportunities! As travel is one of our favourite things, we couldn't resist the thought of Finchley hardside luggage, water bottles and umbrellas! And then thought of returning home; crawling into a bed covered with luscious Finchley patterned duvets covers and matching pillow cases... sumptuous wall papers, throw pillows that tell a story, and journals that will keep your most intimate secrets. This invitation is open to all quality manufacturers... submit your inquiries now.

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Golden Moment for Finchley Paper Arts

Wow!!! Many of us enjoy watching award ceremonies filled with celebrities, and fantasize about getting our hands on one of the marvelous and treasured "Gift Bags" that the nominees get. This year, Finchley Paper Arts is SO overwhelmingly excited to announce that we'll be providing some of the gifts that the top 30 nominees for the Golden Globes 2013 will receive! With high hopes of having our products spotted on the devices of celebrities the likes of Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Jodie Foster, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet, Ryan Gosling, Kenneth Branagh, Viggo Mortensen, Brad Pitt, George Clooney (say what!!!!), or Christopher Plummer, Finchley Paper Arts would be over the moon to receive an email of your photo of a star with our skin or HardCase on their device.

Somehow, it feels like we're the ones that have won an award!!! Now where did we put that statue...

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Watch Out Amazon... Here Comes Finchley Paper Arts!

A little while back, approached us to sell through their site, and we couldn't think of anything we'd like better... well, except maybe winning the lottery ...or a year-long stay in some warm, tropical exotic all-inclusive spa... but that hasn't happened yet.  So we've partnered up with Amazon, and are thrilled to be able to offer a fine selection of Finchley Paper Arts products for sale online to individuals across the globe! We've listed a great selection of HardCases and gel skins for laptops, iPhones and iPads, as well as sets of assorted cards and luxurious gift wrapping paper. We're hoping to expand the line of FPA items that carries, so let us know what products you'd like to see available!

Happy shopping!

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Finchley Paper Arts is a Featured Artist with Gelaskins Now!

Wow! We're so flattered and excited to be Gelaskin's new Featured Artist! They're starting with 5 of our Nature designs including Butterfly Post, Stork Post, Dragonfly Post, Swan Post, and Heron Post. What's so great about Gelaskins having these designs on their site, you ask? Well, the simple answer is this: now you'll be able to order individual skins directly from Gelaskins that will fit any number of different devices. Until now, Finchley Paper Arts' gel skins (and now HardCases) have only been available to fit iPhones, and iPads, but we know some of you have other devices and would love to ge it into your favourite Finchley design. Now you can! As always, our laptop skins come in 13", 15" and 17" and will fit any brand's laptop in those 3 sizes.

Stayed tuned for our first "Finchley Contest" and win yourself or your loved one a $40.00 Gift Voucher towards a new Finchley Skin or HardCase with GelaSkins ! Our Nature series is now available for their 20 top devices including Phones, iPads, iPods &MP3's, Laptops, Kindles & Gaming Devices !  Here's a link to the devices available with our FPA designs.

Contest details to follow.

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HardCases Are Here!!!

image of iPhone HardCase Butterfly Post design

Well folks, they've finally arrived! After a long process of getting our designs ready for the new format, designing our new bilingual packaging for these beauties, and having it all produced, the Finchley Paper Arts HardCases are ready to ship. These gorgeous cases are not only deliciously stylish, they also will help protect your iPhone from impact and scratches. And the best part is that they can be changed up when you're ready for another design! Here is a quick video explaining how they are best snapped on and removed. As with the Finchley Paper Arts Gel Skins, the Finchley Paper Arts HardCases come with the link to download the matching wallpaper design. Order yours today and express yourself in style!

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Our Beautiful New Packaging

Photo of Finchley Paper Arts Ltd.'s new HardCase packaging


Finchley Paper Arts Packaging for Gel Skins In the event you're looking for a gorgeous Finchley Paper Arts HardCase in your favourite local shoppe, here's what they look like. Finchley Paper Arts Ltd.'s new packaging on all gel skins and hard cases is now bilingual, and will get your purchase home, or to that special someone in pristine condition. Compact and easy to mail, they'd sure make for beautiful Christmas gifts!

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HardCases Are On Their Way!!!

We're so excited to be offering HardCases for the iPhone 4/4S! They're being printed this next week and will be on the shelves in early October. HardCases are made from a tough polycarbonate material made to protect iPhones from impact damage and everyday wear-and-tear. Combined with a stylish Finchley Paper Arts design, these protective cases will set your iPhone apart from the crowd! There are currently 10 of Finchley's top designs available, and there'll be 10 exciting new designs introduced when the iPhone 5 cases come out this fall! Check them out, and be sure to pre-order through your local sales rep in order to have them in stock in time for your Christmas sales. Coming soon they'll be available on for individual sales as well. Stay tuned!

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Finchley Artist Studio & Garage Sale

Thank you to everyone who came out to our First Annual Artist Studio & Garage Sale on August 26th!  It was a huge success and not too many fights ensued over the wood letterpress blocks ! For those who missed it, we have kept our "pop up shop" in place in the studio.  We have lots of treasure and bargains still to be found. Just give us a call to book your appointment to drop by the studio. Email us at or call 250.598.1408.  Lots of vintage suitcases, bottles, vintage art suppplies, cabinet cards, dominoes, Liebig cards, Japanese book binding papers...... and the list goes on.....and on...  Everything must go !!

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Shhh... It's Lola's Secret!

Lola's Secret laptop skin

Dreaming of her recent trip to Venice, Lola's seductive gaze leads us to believe she has a few secrets in that heart of hers. With her deep green eyes and ruby lips, this beautiful lass could certainly share some tantalizing tales. Available in skins for laptops, iPhones and iPads, ...and coming soon in HardCases, too!

Even we wonder what Lola's Secret is...


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Welcome to Poseidon's World

Poseidon's World Laptop image

Our newest design, Poseidon's World brings this handsome fella to life. Sophisticated and elegant, Poseidon sits atop an old world map of Constantinople. This "God of the Sea" will look smart on any of your electronic devices - he's available in skins for laptops, iPhones, and iPads and will be available in the new Finchley Paper Arts HardCases coming soon!

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Introducing our new Canadian Sales Force!


We're so excited to be introducing our new Canadian Sales Force, Jannex Enterprises Ltd.! They'll be bringing Finchley Paper Arts to the Canadian market and debuting our line of products at the Toronto Gift Show from August 12th - August 15th.

"Serving the retail marketplace since 1980, Jannex is one of the leading greeting card, stationery, and gift distributors in Canada. Our product criteria is fashion, art and innovation as it translates to paper related products. We source the world for a discriminating retail community which in part consists of:

  • Bookstores
  • Paper Shops
  • Art Galleries
  • Museum Shops
  • Boutiques
  • Lifestyle Stores
  • Gift Shops
  • Florists
  • Department Stores
  • Framing Shops
  • Health Food Stores
  • Nature Stores
  • Hobby Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Golf Pro Shops

The team at Jannex prides itself on service. We strive to provide a quality customer service department in support of a knowledgeable sales force. Our shipping and administration departments are efficient and round out our Jannex family. Our goal is to make our retail community more profitable and distinctive.

Our office, showroom and warehouse facilities are located in Markham, Ontario which is a suburb of Toronto. Our showroom is open to retailers during regular business hours, with a full complement of products consisting of greeting cards, calendars, social memory books, gift wraps, gift bags, stationery, invitations, announcements, box note cards and Canadian made souvenirs, as well as many other gift accessories."

If you're coming to the Toronto Gift Show this month, stop by the Jannex Booth 11313 and check out our display. If you're not able to make it to the show, and are interested in carrying Finchley Paper Arts cards, wrapping paper, and skins for laptops, iPhones, and iPads in your Canadian store, please contact Jannex Enterprises directly to be put in contact with the sales representative in your area. We look forward to being in shops all across Canada! Yay, eh?

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Busy 'Round Here!

Well it's been a long time since my last confession... oops, I mean blog entry, but to be fair, it's been smokin' busy around here. So far this year we've been to the Spring Fair 2012 to exhibit our wares in Birmingham England, to New York to walk both the National Stationery Show and Surtex 2012 (a licencing show) in May, and Las Vegas in June for the Licencing Expo 2012. After our whirlwind trip to the UK we have decided to adopt the British "Keep calm and carry on" as our new motto!

In addition to the global travels we've also been working on getting representation across our beautiful country, making some new designs, and working out the details on some new products! Stay tuned for more entries to come!!! (See... we have been doing stuff... even if we've been slacking on the blogging end of it!)

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Made It To The UK! ...Despite The Snowstorm!

Snowstorm in Birmingham

Wow! What a long flight!! We finally made it to Birmingham UK to participate in the Spring Fair Gift Show! The second day we were there, the snow started to fall like mad, just in time for the opening day. News reports told folks to stay at home unless totally necessary, but our little booth was hopping! There was loads of interest from Museums, Distributors, and Retail shops from all over the UK and Europe. We met amazing people, and had the best "neighbours" at the show; characters Andrew and Allan of Full Colour Black were fantastic and introduced us to so many great contacts!

We were too busy during "show time" to snap any photos, but here are a few from our day off in London:



Big Ben

Portobello Shops

London night life

Inspiring store window

Now the hard work begins... We're looking forward to doing business with all of the wonderful people we met on our travels!

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It's Show Time!

Finchley Paper Arts Booth at Birmingham Spring Fair 2012

Finchley Paper Arts Ltd. is so excited to be in Birmingham, UK participating in the Spring Fair International! We're here from February 5th to 9th 2012 at the NEC. We've got a whole bunch of new things up our sleeve for 2012, so be sure to pop by our stand (4GG82) to check it out and say hello!

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Dallas Marketplace

Finchley Paper Arts booth at Dallas Marketplace

We're on another adventure, this time to meet and support the Donald McEvoy Ltd at the Dallas Marketplace gift show in Dallas, Texas. They'd made up a gorgeous display of our Finchley Paper Arts wares - we LOVE THE COLOUR! It was a quick trip as we are on our way to the UK Spring Fair Show, leaving on February 1st!

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Finchley Paper Arts Now Available at Lúz Gallery, Victoria BC

Wow! We're so pleased to be featured on Lúz Gallery's website! A big thank you to Diana Millar and Quinton Gordon for your wonderful write up about Finchley Paper Arts' products. Here's what they wrote:

"There's something that I love about picking up an old book, opening the cover and finding that someone, years ago, took a moment to write a beautiful inscription, or even just to write the date that the book was received. There's something about handwriting from a hundred years ago, the flow of the ink from a fountain pen with the swirls and curls that I love to admire. Even old documents of simple accounting have a beautiful flair. I have kindergarten teacher printing- perfectly straight, up & down - just like you learn in kindergarten. Or most days I may never even pick up a pen or pencil, just fill a computer screen with typed out letters. 

But, the problem is, you can't handle these beautiful documents every day. Most of the time they remain tucked away in archival sleeves and dark boxes, only to pull out on rare occasions, so they don't crumble from the daily use.  

That's why I loved finding Finchely Paper Arts and their 'undercover' creations. They are bringing a new life back to these beautiful old documents & images, and allowing them to have a new life in this age of technology. Each design comes from their love of the arts, combined with parts of history, their worldwide collections and photographic & book images, resulting in beautiful new compositions or undercovers for your iphones, laptops and ipads.

Something that you use everyday!

I recently visited Finchely's studio, and I was allowed a peek into a few of their inspirations...! There is an incredibly special book that was pulled from their grandparent's collection of 'old dusty books' from under the crawl space. This book was originally printed & bound in 1600's and was part of a incredible collection!

Here's their story in their own words; 

While researching vintage ephemera, we came across a wealth of family genealogy data from Cambridge England. Some of the many passions of our family were bookstores, publishing and even a mobile library.  In the 1740’s a large private library came up for auction. Our family purchased several books containing the personal bookplate of Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holles of Wellbeck Abbey in Sherwood Forest.

Finchley was the last home of our Great Grandparents before their immigration to Canada in the early 1900’s, we thought it fitting to use the Finchley name to re-establish our family in the publishing industry.

The book I was able to view was from this special collection of Lady Henrietta, and had her incredible handwriting in the book, as well as her own personal bookplate. She even had her own way to mark each book that she read, in her estimated collection of 50,000 books!

Or there's the dramatic red wax seal now part of the very first designs from Finchley, the Face of Finchley. Or the gorgeous colourful Seven Seas cover (currently looking great on my phone!) 

So well...these may be a bit unusual for a gallery to carry, I just love that Finchley is breathing a new life from the bookarts and bringing them into the 21st century ~ 'little mobile works of art'

We are very excited to be carrying these new items at the gallery. If you are not in town, we have many of the undercovers available to purchase online. Or stop into the gallery to see all covers we have in stock. 

The covers currently are available for iphone 4, ipad 2 and laptops (PC or Mac) for 13", 15" and 17" 

Or send us an email if you have any questions on Finchley Paper Arts and their gorgeous creations.

(perfect stocking stuffers??!) 

* I forgot to mention, in case you're wondering, Finchley Paper Arts is located here in Victoria BC !!"

Thanks Diana and Quinton!

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New York City May 2011

Spring has arrived in the land of Finchley in Victoria. We are frantically playing catch up at Finchley Paper Arts putting the final design touches to our new Passport-Catalogue and display backdrop for our upcoming big show in NEW YORK CITY May 15th-18th, 2011.

The National Stationary Show will be taking place at the Javits Centre in Manhattan. This is the World Stage for the stationary market with delegates from across the globe.
FPA has designed a new line of greeting and holiday cards , plus a beautiful line of wrapping paper with gold metallic highlights. With the roll-out of the IPAD 2  last month, we have had GelaSkins produce a series of skins for the IPAD 2 to be unveiled at the NY Show along with many other new designs for laptops, iphone 4, and the iPad 1.
If you are in NY city in May , please drop by Booth 1771 at the Javits Connvention Centre.  Hope to see you there!

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Laptop & iPhone 4 Gelaskins

The best skins on the planet!  We have teamed up with to bring you a variety of skins for your laptops and iPhone4.  GelaSkins are removable vinyl skins for protecting and customizing your portable devices.  Not to mention turning your ordinary device into a piece of travelling artwork.  With our designs and their technology, we feel we have come up with a winning combination.

GelaSkins removable covers are backed by adhesive technology from 3M, which allows bubble-free application.  When it comes time to switch it up for another design, GelaSkins remove cleanly leaving no trace of residue on your device.

Our first sample order has arrived and they have almost sold out even before getting them onto our website!  There are still a few available in each selection.  Check out our Blog for a "sneak peek" at our first set of designs.   We are submitting another order now and hope to have them back in stock by mid to late January.

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Magic Lantern Slides

Magic lantern slides....  even the name conjures up a magical image for its time...

There has been some debate about who the original inventor of the magic lantern is and what year the original device was developed. It was around the late 1640s - 1650s. It was  even referred to as the “lantern of fright” because it was able to project spooky images that looked like apparitions.  In its early development, it was mostly used by magicians and conjurors to project images, making them appear or disappear, transform from one scene into a different scene,  or even create the belief of bringing the dead back to life..

The first lantern slide producers made their slides using albumen-coated plates and, after a short period, switched to wet-collodion plates. The introduction of dry plate processes, as well as mass-produced lantern slide kits, made the slides easier for amateur photographers to produce.

The finished product was placed within a lantern slide projector to be viewed on a wall or screen. The first projectors used oil lamps for light. By 1870, limelight, produced by burning oxygen and hydrogen on a pellet of lime, offered a better, although more dangerous, form of illumination. In the 1890s, the invention of the carbon arc lamp, followed by electric light, provided a safe method for displaying the lantern slide image.

Our latest Magic Lantern finds are some great Nature and Comic slides from England.  Due to the weight of the glass slides, the shipping to Canada can be pricey or free depending on the vendor.  All arrived in great shape with no breakage.

Recent sets that we managed to find and add to our collection are Moths and Butterflies, Nature, and Comic Cats and Dogs. They make a great addition to our World Culture, Cities of the World, Children and Nature series.  The Comic Cats and Dogs show a great side of English Humour.

Stay tuned for up coming designs using content from our slides for our new Collage Pages, Gelaskins for Laptops & Iphones and new Art Card Designs.

Here are a few links to sites for info on Magic Lantern slide Machines and history.

Cheers, Doug

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The Polaroid Transfer process involves hand printing each image, resulting in no two images alike.  They are printed on Arches Watercolour Paper.  Image transfer is often described as a "crossover" art form, one that blurs the distinction between conventional photography and handcrafted art, such as painting.  This creates mystique and a truly artistic image.  Each miniature portrait should be kept away from direct sunlight.

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Altered Letterpress Trays

The original vintage trays come in three sections.  We have modified them into individual trays for a more convenient  size, each with it's own theme.

Using vintage papers for backgrounds, family heirlooms, photos, and a variety of embellishments, each tray starts to come alive once the indiviual compartments are filled with treasures.


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Finchley Tag Art & Cards

Welcome to the new line of Finchley Paper Arts " TAG ART" !  We have drawn upon our vast archives of personal world photos, maps, old documents and trading cards to create these new tag pages.  We hope you enjoy the new layouts with multiple sizes of tags on one sheet. They are Quality Digital printed on 120 lb McCoy Card Stock. We welcome your comments and feedback on our new line.

We now offer 32 pages of Tags.

We have designed our second set of  Finchley Art Cards !  Check them out, new sizes are available.  We now have 32 different cards.  We welcome your comments and feedback on our new line.

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Latest Designs & Treasures

Come and see us at the "Antique & Collectable Show" in Victoria, B.C.  June 13th !  Pearkes Arena 10am~4pm.

Well it's been 2 months since our last Blog entry BUT we have been busy "Treasure Hunting" and designing 2 new sets of Art Cards and 35 new Tag pages!!

The first set of Art Cards are now available on our site and the next set of Art Cards and Tags will be available early June.  They will be off to the printers next week!   So please check back.  Wholesale card inquiries are welcome as well.

We will be offering our Collage Sheets as pdf' down loadable files in June.

"Latest Treasures" include modified smaller Letterpress Trays for mixed media collage.  They are available in limited supply.

We found these rusted grates at a local 2nd hand store. (See below)  Lots of ideas for these beautiful caste iron sculptures....  We will photograph each step in the process of transforming them into Unique Altered Art.  We will feature the before and after photos in our Gallery Section.

With each art piece we will try and create a colour combination palette, in the hope that you may also want to use it.  It always takes me ages (sometimes days) to pick out just the right vintage document, photo etc for a new piece, background colours generally are several layers deep to obtain the right hue..... and then changed again.  Each layer has its own story to tell as well.  I have many canvases started but never finished...

From each palette one can create unlimited art pieces, handmade or digital.  The colour formulas are in RGB and listed beside each colour for easy reference.

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The New Face Of Finchley Paper Arts 2010

"Awakening" Bookmark"

Look for our new ad in Somerset Studio in the May/June Issue.

Ok so here goes...  If someone had told me a year ago I would actually have a blog, I would have laughed at them.  English was never my best or favourite subject in school and I think I skipped out of every oral presentation I had to do!   Geography and the Arts were always my passion and still are today.

I hope to be able to share with you my view of the colours and textures I've seen in this world.

It is amazing that each continent definitely has a "colour combination palette" that we associate with it, but they can be easily blended harmoniously if we only take the time and imagination to do so.

We would like to introduce to you "Finchley Global Colour Combinations" ~ "Colour Palettes"

With each art piece we will try and create a colour combination palette, in the hope that you may also want to use it.  It always takes me ages (sometimes days) to pick out just the right vintage document, photo etc for a new piece, background colours generally are several layers deep to obtain the right hue..... and then changed again.  Each layer has its own story to tell as well.  I have many canvases started but never finished...

From each palette one can create unlimited art pieces, handmade or digital.  The colour formulas are in RGB and listed beside each colour for easy reference.

Colour Palette #4 ~ "Afternoon Tea At The Kasbah"

Artwork:  Polaroid Transfer on Watercolour Paper.


  1. Polaroid transfer of Patrick Dunbar Antiques front yard, Taos New Mexico.
  2. Inspirations row from left to right - Polaroid transfer of an Indian Door.
  3. Finchley Poem.

I am from an exotic land.

I am the door and pillars from an ancient Kasbah.

I have housed many generations,  from pilgrims to armies to harems to princes.

I have heard the laughter, the orders and the whispers throughout time and felt the touch of hands.

4) Polaroid transfer of an Indian Door

Colour Palette: Created from the inspiration pieces.

Colour Palette #5 ~"South Indian Musician"

Artwork:  Digital Collage.


  1. Top far right.  Luminious paper with vintage Benares Temple engraving overlay.
  2. Inspirations row from left to right - Vintage bank document. Finchley reproduction of vintage documents coming soon.
  3. Finchley Photoshop brush. Brush sets on CD coming soon.
  4. Scan of a 1800's Lantern Glass slide. Sometimes black and white is just as dramatic as the original colour slide.
  5. Finchley Photoshop brush. Brush sets on CD coming soon.

Colour Palette: Created from the inspiration pieces.

Colour Palette #6 ~ "The Journey~Invisible Tattoos Of Life"

Artwork:  Digital Collage.


  1. Top far right. Vintage Egypt Map.
  2. Inspirations row from left to right - Vintage North African Postcard.
  3. Finchley photo of early morning camel safari, Zagora Morocco. Available in Collage sheets Blue Morocco and Finchley Flash.
  4. Photoshop brush.

Colour Palette: Created from the inspiration pieces.

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Finchley Colour Palettes #1~3

Colour Palette #1~ "Stolen Moments" 

Artwork:  Digital Collage

You could easily create a similar mixed media collageusing luminious colour washes, black and white photos, vintage documents, letters and transparencies.


  1. Top far right - Luminious paper.
  2. Inspirations row from left to right - Ziegfeld Girl Billie Dove photo.
  3. Finchley European Post Collage page.
  4. Photoshop brush ( Finchley Photoshop Brush Sets coming soon as  a new product !)
  5. Finchley Sepia Documents Collage page.

Colour Palette: Created from the inspiration pieces.

Colour Palette #2 ~ "A Step Back in Time"

Artwork:  Altered Art Assemblage -  Vintage Letterpress Tray


1) Top far right - Place of The Winds, Jaipur India.

2) Inspirations row from left to right - Morning Light at Benares (Varanasi) India.

A fellow traveller once told be there would be places in this world that one feels a "special presence and energy" if you take the time to sit quietly and wait.  I felt this several places, but especially sitting on the steps of the Ghats along the River Ganges in Benares at 4:30 am, and climbing the steps of the pyramids in Cairo Egypt awaiting sunrise.- ( which one can get fined for if caught... another story for a later day ! )

Even though I didn't use the "India" theme in this altered assemblage, it certainly gave me the idea for which colour palette and vessel to use.

3) Finchley Keys.

4) Vintage Handwriting Collage page.

5) Finchley Cabinet Cards.

Colour Palette: Created from the inspiration pieces.

Colour Palette #3 ~ "Awakening"


Artwork:  Digital Collage


1) Top far right - Vintage Indian Currency.

2) Ziegfeld Follie Photo.

3) Rajasthani Tapestry Collage page.

4) Background walnut stained paper with Finchley Photoshop Brush Set #1 ( coming soon as a new product!).

5) 1800's vintage French Letter ( Reproduction French Letters - coming soon as a new product!).

Colour Palette: Created from the inspiration pieces.


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Piece of the Week #1

Letterpress Collage

   Altered Letterpress Tray

Vintage key, cabinet card, antique glass bottles, vintage blue box, handwritten 1800's French letters,  vintage envelopes, wax seal, vintage watch, scissors, ceramic door knob, mollusc shell and quail eggs.


Terrace Studio

"Gypsy Traveller Collage"