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December 8, 2011  •  0 Comments

Finchley Paper Arts Now Available at Lúz Gallery, Victoria BC

Wow! We're so pleased to be featured on Lúz Gallery's website! A big thank you to Diana Millar and Quinton Gordon for your wonderful write up about Finchley Paper Arts' products. Here's what they wrote:

"There's something that I love about picking up an old book, opening the cover and finding that someone, years ago, took a moment to write a beautiful inscription, or even just to write the date that the book was received. There's something about handwriting from a hundred years ago, the flow of the ink from a fountain pen with the swirls and curls that I love to admire. Even old documents of simple accounting have a beautiful flair. I have kindergarten teacher printing- perfectly straight, up & down - just like you learn in kindergarten. Or most days I may never even pick up a pen or pencil, just fill a computer screen with typed out letters. 

But, the problem is, you can't handle these beautiful documents every day. Most of the time they remain tucked away in archival sleeves and dark boxes, only to pull out on rare occasions, so they don't crumble from the daily use.  

That's why I loved finding Finchely Paper Arts and their 'undercover' creations. They are bringing a new life back to these beautiful old documents & images, and allowing them to have a new life in this age of technology. Each design comes from their love of the arts, combined with parts of history, their worldwide collections and photographic & book images, resulting in beautiful new compositions or undercovers for your iphones, laptops and ipads.

Something that you use everyday!

I recently visited Finchely's studio, and I was allowed a peek into a few of their inspirations...! There is an incredibly special book that was pulled from their grandparent's collection of 'old dusty books' from under the crawl space. This book was originally printed & bound in 1600's and was part of a incredible collection!

Here's their story in their own words; 

While researching vintage ephemera, we came across a wealth of family genealogy data from Cambridge England. Some of the many passions of our family were bookstores, publishing and even a mobile library.  In the 1740’s a large private library came up for auction. Our family purchased several books containing the personal bookplate of Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holles of Wellbeck Abbey in Sherwood Forest.

Finchley was the last home of our Great Grandparents before their immigration to Canada in the early 1900’s, we thought it fitting to use the Finchley name to re-establish our family in the publishing industry.

The book I was able to view was from this special collection of Lady Henrietta, and had her incredible handwriting in the book, as well as her own personal bookplate. She even had her own way to mark each book that she read, in her estimated collection of 50,000 books!

Or there's the dramatic red wax seal now part of the very first designs from Finchley, the Face of Finchley. Or the gorgeous colourful Seven Seas cover (currently looking great on my phone!) 

So well...these may be a bit unusual for a gallery to carry, I just love that Finchley is breathing a new life from the bookarts and bringing them into the 21st century ~ 'little mobile works of art'

We are very excited to be carrying these new items at the gallery. If you are not in town, we have many of the undercovers available to purchase online. Or stop into the gallery to see all covers we have in stock. 

The covers currently are available for iphone 4, ipad 2 and laptops (PC or Mac) for 13", 15" and 17" 

Or send us an email if you have any questions on Finchley Paper Arts and their gorgeous creations.

(perfect stocking stuffers??!) 

* I forgot to mention, in case you're wondering, Finchley Paper Arts is located here in Victoria BC !!"

Thanks Diana and Quinton!