Finchley Paper Arts

September 7, 2012  •  0 Comments

HardCases Are On Their Way!!!

We're so excited to be offering HardCases for the iPhone 4/4S! They're being printed this next week and will be on the shelves in early October. HardCases are made from a tough polycarbonate material made to protect iPhones from impact damage and everyday wear-and-tear. Combined with a stylish Finchley Paper Arts design, these protective cases will set your iPhone apart from the crowd! There are currently 10 of Finchley's top designs available, and there'll be 10 exciting new designs introduced when the iPhone 5 cases come out this fall! Check them out, and be sure to pre-order through your local sales rep in order to have them in stock in time for your Christmas sales. Coming soon they'll be available on for individual sales as well. Stay tuned!