Finchley Paper Arts

October 30, 2012  •  0 Comments

Finchley Paper Arts is a Featured Artist with Gelaskins Now!

Wow! We're so flattered and excited to be Gelaskin's new Featured Artist! They're starting with 5 of our Nature designs including Butterfly Post, Stork Post, Dragonfly Post, Swan Post, and Heron Post. What's so great about Gelaskins having these designs on their site, you ask? Well, the simple answer is this: now you'll be able to order individual skins directly from Gelaskins that will fit any number of different devices. Until now, Finchley Paper Arts' gel skins (and now HardCases) have only been available to fit iPhones, and iPads, but we know some of you have other devices and would love to ge it into your favourite Finchley design. Now you can! As always, our laptop skins come in 13", 15" and 17" and will fit any brand's laptop in those 3 sizes.

Stayed tuned for our first "Finchley Contest" and win yourself or your loved one a $40.00 Gift Voucher towards a new Finchley Skin or HardCase with GelaSkins ! Our Nature series is now available for their 20 top devices including Phones, iPads, iPods &MP3's, Laptops, Kindles & Gaming Devices !  Here's a link to the devices available with our FPA designs.

Contest details to follow.