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July 29, 2013  •  0 Comments

Fresh Faces for 2013 Follies

2013 Finchley Paper Arts New Follie Girls Designs

While seasons past have brought a sophisticated black and white look to our vintage Follies, this season we're all about infusing some fresh, vibrant colour into the lives of our ladies. Sweet and sultry, you'll find some new faces, and will notice that some of our classics have been re-invented. The Finchley Paper Arts 2013 Follies Collection has something to please everyone! 

Enchanted Beauty evokes thoughts of summer tea parties in the shade, sipping a fine cup of Earl Grey, and nibbliing on petit fours. Moulin Rouge's sassy dancer is a sweet and demure, though we're sure she's got a few secrets up her feather trimmed sleeve. Russian Romance takes us back in time to a warm summer evening, the scent of roses in full bloom. Such a pretty young lass in Barcelona, her mind drifts to her distant love and the evening of music and dancing they shared once before. Below, meet Goddess of the Galaxy - she's smart, sophisticated and full of suprises.


Rediscover the other gals and get a taste of vivacious colour this season. It's a whole new Finchley! Check out the revamped and even more gorgeous Autumn Days, Stolen Moments, Dreamer, Forgotten Dreams, and others in the Finchley Paper Arts 2013 Collection.