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January 29, 2014  •  0 Comments

Finchley Look Book 2014

Here's a peek at our new "Look Book 2014" showing all our 72 designs for licensing and cards!

Finchley Look Book 2014 -Page 1Finchley Look Book 2014 -Page 2Finchley Look Book 2014 -Page 3

Finchley Look Book 2014 -Page 5

January 27, 2014  •  0 Comments

Postcards from Paris!

Happy New Year Everyone!  A huge thank you to everyone who made 2013 such a successful year for FPA!  Looking back over the year we added a few more pins to our world map with Live Wires NZ as our New Zealand distributor, and Giraffiti in Germany. We are also excited to announce Twizler of the UK will be showcasing us at the NEC Spring Fair in Birmingham, February 2nd -6th 2014!

Many of you may not know that I snuck off to Paris last minute this past October to scour the 'Brocantes" (flea markets) for new inspiration and documents for our 2014 collection. It was my first time to Paris and Provence and I fell in love with the people, countryside, food, & wine, not to mention all the treasures I collected! I went with carry on and had to buy a suitcase to bring home all the ephemera I found. 1700 & 1800's vintage manuscripts & music sheets, letters, architecture tissue drawings, opera costume designs, maps and botanical hand tinted drawings just to mention a few!  Each day was a like a new scavenger hunt to source out new materials and finish off a tiring day with great food and wine of course!

Every day I had to ask myself why I hadn't been to France before? It will certainly not be my last trip! Why didn't I stay???

 Streets of Paris

Buildings of Paris

Streets of Provence

Brocante Treasures


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Royalty Monogrames

noun: monogram; plural noun: monograms
a motif of two or more letters, typically a person's initials, usually interwoven or otherwise combined in a decorative design, used as a logo or to identify a personal possession.
verb: monogram; 3rd person present: monograms; past tense: monogrammed; past participle: monogrammed; gerund or present participle: monogramming
decorate with a monogram.
"monogrammed sheets"

We have been wanting to design a "MyFinch Royalty Collection" for 2 years now....  We finally found our source material and inspiration in a beautiful 1800's Monograme book in a dusty bookstore on the outskirts of Paris!

The line is slowly taking form.... in both sepia and vibrant colours... Vote for your favorite. Stay tuned for more designs..

Floral Monogrames

Sepia Monogrames